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MEET OUR signature candle

*Experience the sweet zestiness of rose to create a calm space you can escape to. *

Only 100% pure soy wax is used in the manufacturing of every jar candle 

(NO palm oil, paraffin waxes or parabens/preservatives)

Our natural essential oils bring aromatherapy with each breath and enduring satisfiction.

RM 48

MEET OUR reed diffuser

*Create a relaxing atmosphere at your home or workspace by infusing it with scents that calm the senses and eases stress. *

Featuring six extra absorbent reeds which do not require turning, this diffuser is truly a no-maintenance way to fill your space with over one months worth of long lasting fragrance – this ensures there is always a beautiful scent in the air. Due to this, they are the perfect addition to your home.

  A fragrance that needs to be experienced to be believed.

RM 48


*This sleep mask is like someone is hugging
your face, I cannot describe how amazing it is. *

“SOMNUS” the Latin word for sleep

Our light blocking mask takes beauty sleep to a whole other level of luxury. Why did we make it so good? Because you deserve glorious sleep.

Why not try for yourself and get the sleep you deserve, tonight?Reminder: Check what year it is when you wake up.

RM 128

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